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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  February 7, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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storm we hav
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are bringing significant rain. here is a live look from our exploratorium camera in san francisco. you can see there is a thick mass of clouds over the city. >> and the rain we have seen so far is just the beginning. it is going to be a wet weekend with more intense downpours now just hours away. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. let's start with meteorologist sandhya patel and a look at live doppler 7hd. sand yaw -- sandhya? >> you will see live doppler hd and it is raining up here on the roof. it is a little breezy at times and the moisture continues to move in. it is very light returns in the north bay at this hour. fairfax and mill valley. we are seeing light to moderate rain around mcarthur boulevard. 580 foothill boulevard and alameda.
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look at san francisco, mission street near embarcadero we are seeing the wet weather. as i pull out and widen the view, there is moderate to heavy rain headed to the bay area. the moisture heads out toward hawaii, what we call a pineapple connection or an atmospheric river. it is heading in our direction and it has risk. creeks could flood and mudslides and rock slides and wind damage. river flooding is low despite the fact that the wettest spots will pick up to eight inches of rain. the wind will continue to gust and the advisories are up until 11:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. it doesn't matter if you are a light sleeper or heavy sleeper, one thing is for sure, you will be woken up by pounding rain. i will be back with a look at how much of your weekend will include more than what we are getting up here right now and how much snow is coming to the
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sierra. dan? >> thanks very much. our reporters are fanned out across the bay area for live storm watch coverage. we will start in the north bay and sergio is live in larkspur. you have seen several weather-related problems there tonight. >> yes, one of the first things law enforcement officers warn about is for drivers to be particularly careful on freeways because they can be especially slick. we have already seen two crashes, and this crash is particularly dangerous. as the cars pass by it can cause hydroplaning. there was one crash we saw about a couple of hours ago. moments after a crash one driver got out of his car and looked to be on his phone. the chp says standing water on the freeway was part of the problem. fire crews also responded, but no serious injuries were reported. traffic came to a soggy crawl.
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throughout the night, the rain came down in buckets and the wind rattled residents. >> it is raining sideways. it is raining upside down. it is finally here, but it is here. >> she said her car won't start in the rain so she is stranded at a shopping center. across from fire station 2 they fill eight sandbags to fix a flooding problem. >> we haven't had a rain like this and it is flooding into the basement. >> an assembly line of students worked to scoop water out of the flooded basement. they managed to get most of the water out and then placed sandbags to keep anymore from getting in. >> we are going to have to go down from the outside to the basement. >> the first big rain of the season means the first big water problem for people to deal with. >> and everyone we tacked to
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say they are very happy that it is finally raining. they are just making adjustments to the rain and they are looking forward to more rain through the weekend as well. abc7 news. >> sergio, thank you. our team coverage continues with abc7 news reporter alan wang in emeryville. >> carolyn, we have gone from a light drizzle to a steady rain in the past 15 minutes. we haven't been nearly as drenched as those folks in the north bay. the lanes on i-80 are starting to get wet, but the traffic is moving along in a calm and steady pace. there were only a few accidents. one of the major accidents happening on highway 242 around 6:30. this propane truck slid off the road and struck a tree which fell on the truck. there was no gas inside, so it wasn't a hazard. the only injury came when a
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firefighter fell and broke her rib when she was trying to cut the tree off the truck. other than that, the drivers we spoke with say the traffic in the east and the south bay has been relatively safe. >> it wasn't too bad. i didn't see any accidents when i was driving around the south bay area. it was pretty good. >> do you think everybody is driving more cautiously? >> i think the speeds are down more and it worked out pretty well. >> the weather is going to get worse over the weekend and the chp says if you have to be on the roads, drive slow and keep your lights on. reporting live in the east bay, alan wang, abc7 news. >> alan, thanks very much. look for more scenes like this as the weekend continues. the storm sent this tree branch crashing down on san francisco's lower hate neighborhood. it blocked the sidewalk and it happened on hate at steiner street.
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fortunately nobody was hurt. >> if you are heading to tahoe these are the conditions you will find. heavy snow is expected at higher elevations, up to two feet. getting there could be a problem. the chains are required on interstate 80 and 50 and 88 because of the snow. this is video from earlier tonight. i-80 at crystal springs road and that is about 3900 feet. you can see cars stoping to chain up. if you are headed to tahoe be prepared because it could be slow going. >> here is a live look at sfo where flights are delayed for an hour because of the low clouds. in oakland there are departure delays. and mineta has arrival and departure delays of about 30 minutes. you can track the rain using live doppler hd. the weather helps you deal
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with the rain. go to police are searching for a man who sexually assaulted a woman after claiming to be a cop. we want to show uh sketch of the rapist. he is described as his panic and late 30s to early 40s. his car was captured on surveillance video. he picked up a woman and threatened to arrest her if she didn't cooperate with him. a former teacher arrested a child pornography charges. he was taken into custody after police say they found images of child pornography in his home. the 64-year-old had previously, woulded as a teacher in the bay area, but police did not say where. >> a cal football player died after an early morning workout with the team. he collapsed after a routine conditioning run outside memorial stadium.
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he started having trouble breathing. triners picked him up -- trainers picked him up in a cart, and he was communicating, but his condition quickly deteriorated. >> our players love him dearly. he was a big part of our family. now our family members will have to rely on each other in order to get through this period. >> he was a public health major and a member of the omega sci-fi fraternity. you can express your condolences by sharing this badge on on your facebook time line. you can find the badge on our page, news. what started as a fan turned into something different. 49er boosters wanted to treat this man to a game at the new stadium and now the plan is to
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do so much more and ama dates explains why. >> this lonely niners fans being booed by seahawk supporters caught people's attention. >> it is like watching a streaker. you go what the? >> the photo went viral and was seen by katherine tate. she is the founder and president of a 49er booster. struck by the fan's heart and bravery and reached out to 9er faithful to track him down. tate president whatted to give him a front row 50 yard line ticket to the stadium. she even had a go find me account to help with the trip. the goal was to fly andrews and his family out here to catch a niners-seahawks game, but then something changed. >> i had just learned that this kid is only 15 years old and a ward of the state and living in a shelter. she asked him what he really needs? do you need a place to stay? do you need clothing, therapy,
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counseling, do you need resources? yes. i need all of those things. >> then we will make it happen. >> but tate is not sure how to connect the young fan with the people who watchet -- who want to help without making it public. she hopes people who know how to make this work will step up and get involved. >> if you would like to help the ladies of the empire go to our website. we have information there. we continue to track the storm moving throughout the bay area. coming up next, details on your very wet weekend. >> and hundreds stood in the rain hoping for a taste. but what exactly were they waiting for. >> and why this group of men picked up this sports car in san francisco. abc news continues aft
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it is an event so big people started standing in line for it last night. what brought hundreds for just a taste? abc7 news reporter wayne freedman has the -- wayne freedman has the story. >> they stood in a line in the rain no less. it took hours to get through and even longer to get to. >> i came up from reno. >> santa maria.
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>> and santa rosa. for what? >> it makes my heart happy. >> you ever seen a line like this before some. >> no, not for beer. >> beer? >> they are waiting for beer. >> at the russian river brewing company this is the one that customers wait all year. a not so modest brew which was named after an an jept roman magistrate. he never expected what began as an experiment would be a phenomenon. >> it blows me away when people show up every year. very humbled. >> there are a lot of secrets. first of all he bruises for twice as long. there are three times the normal amount of hops in this beer. the alcohol content?
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10 and a quarter percent. >> you can't drink it all day? >> how long can you drink it? >> two. >> and so will 1400 people. what? nobody answered their phone in santa rosa? >> will anybody get done? >> i don't think so. >> such is the ale that is bitter and pope and fruity and bubbly all at once. >> the best beer i have ever had. >> it is almost too strong to be that drinkable. >> last year it brought $2.3 million into sonoma county. >> it is an odd thing. >> hard to understand until you taste it. in santa rosa, abc7 news. a group of muni passengers
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helped a woman whose car was stuck on the tracks. she couldn't move off the concrete and so two engine trains were blocked and several men lifted it for her. they they had they didn't want to wait for them. >> and here is how we will keep you informed the next couple weeks. on the air we will have a spoiler alert. if you don't want to know you will have plenty of time to turn away or save the surprise. on our social media platforms we will post results, but you are going to have to click the see them so they won't accidentally pop up and you won't see them by mistake. go to news. you can also follow us on on twitter and always at >> you can stream abc7 news at 11:00 every night.
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or using a mobile app. if you are watching the olympics and want to know what is happening in the bay area, use your smartphone to watch us. >> check us out. we will be here. for the first time in weeks and weeks and weeks, an actual storm is coming through. >> and a lot. sandhya patel has more for us. >> carol a lynn and storm, we are just seeing the beginning of it. the first part of the front is the warm front with the light rain on the roof. we will talk about what is coming. what is coming is much needed, but it will dump on your weekend plans. the yellows are off thb screen and that's the heavier rain that is about to arrive. very light returns. california boulevard seeing light showers as we take you to the east bay.
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san leandro and then going toward the san mateo coast. it is wet. not all of the moisture has gotten here yet. it is one storm that will bring us quite a bit. san jose is getting quite a bit. chain controls in the tahoe area at this area. it is higher elevation snow. tahoe and truckee are actually reporting rain right now. the snow levels are already rising. i just updated them and over three inches of rain and 1400 in san jose. mount saint huh lena, 1.5 inches of rain. this is a preview of your weekend. redwood city and san jose. as you look at the view from our camera, expect delays like a we have seen all day long. low 50s right now. sap tau rosa, napa,
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fairfield. and it will be slow moving on the freeways if you have to travel anywhere. emeryville showing you interstate 80. waves soaking rain. partial clearing. there is the warm front we were talking about. the cold front is still coming and we can see the moisture stretching down toward hawaii. here is a look with the computer animation. toward 6:00 a.m. moderate rain. then you will see the rain is indicated in yellow and 5:00 p.m. you are stepping out for dinner it will be coming down. then more rain with pockets of moderate rain on sunday. one last push, 1:00 in the afternoon. you may be sitting down to have some tea. it will be coming down. monday morning we will see everything clear out. rifle totals are extremely high in
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the north bay mountains. one storm. the santa cruz mountains will pick up three to six inches. prepare for the winter driving conditions. a winter storm warning until saturday at 4:00 p.m. expect two to four feet above 7,000. make sure you have your umbrella in the 50s. it is the 50s and 60s. it is a mailed storm and it will create a soggy sunday. as you look at the seven-day forecast, the middle to latter part of the week we are looking at another storm. will this storm get rid of the drought? >> no. we need three, four, five of these this winter to help us with our deficit and get rid of the drought. this is a nice change of pace to see light rain. live from the roof of the wgo broadcast center.
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jand yaw paw sell. back to you. >> at least we are going in the right direction. >> join us for the morning news at 5:00 and 8:00 a.m. for the latest on the winter storm. track the rain by adding live doppler 7hd. remember to your twitter feed anytime you wish. is rain affecting things at pebble beach? >> larry beale is here. it could be a wet weekend down there. >> it will be interesting. weather hasn't been a factor at pebble pebble the last few years. that tx like fun. safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great deals the easy way. you do enough flying around. that's why we give you real big club card deals. right now, our largest jug of arm & hammer detergent is just $5.00. fill your water supply. arrowhead water is only $3.29 a case. and chobani greek yogurt is just a buck. real big deals this week and every week.
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(announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. the sharks played columbus in their final game before the olympic break. a mild stone for mccleland. 435 games and counting. how cute is this? father and son taking in the game.
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priceless moments. mccarthy just called up from the minors and on the deflection and his first goal sips 2010 and it is 1-0 sharks. five minutes later and the shot saved. patrick marlow headed for the olympics. fires it home 2-0 team teal. blue jackets coming back. a wrist shot and in the third it is on the doorstep. his 12th of the year is the game winner. 3-2 sharks and they take a two and a half week break for the olympic games. jordan speed has been weather proof describing the round two conditions. he said we started in the rain and wind and finished in rainier and windier. there is a 75% chance of rain. look at this picture with peyton manning. just happy there are no seahawks around. looks like the wind pushed it off line. otherwise that may have been in. a challenging day for phil
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mickelson. he is five off the set. birdie putt and now under 67 and tied at 9 under along with jimmy walker. so close and yet so far there for birdie on seven. walker tied at mns 9 and heading to round threw. round three. the a's have a history of trading away their best players, but they will keep cocoa crisp who signed a deal for $11 million a year. the extension runs through 2016. he is a mix of speed and power. that man sets the table for the offense. the leadoff man begins his fifth season in green and gold. >> the comfort of being here the past few years and me knowing the city and this decision, i think that is always nice.
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>> women's college hoops stanford and cal both went on the road at the washington schools. abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> larry, thank you. >> we will be right back. first here is jimmy kimmle. >> here is what we are up to tonight. >> you are taking this tweng win thing -- this thing seriously.
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wake up weather. make sure have you your umbrellas. you will need a rain jacket. areas of heavy rain and gusty in spots. urban small stream flooding possible, 40s, 50s. lisa argen is here at 5:00 a.m. tracking this storm with live doppler 7hd. >> sandhya, thank you.
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>> that is our report. we uh appreciate your time. >> have a terrific
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>> hollywood, it's jimmy kimmel live." from tonight, morgan freeman, anna faris, lie witness news, and music from motley crue, with cleto and the cletones. and now, i might also mention, here's jimmy kimmel! [ applause ] >> jimmy: thank you for joining


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